Thursday, August 13, 2009

how random can life be?

what an odd week...

Monday I cleaned and then went to a photo shoot for my beautiful sister Katie and then lost track of time and Steve had to wait almost an hour for me to pick him up at the airport. Tuesday I got a call from my sister saying they needed more models at an event and they had a couple dresses me and my best friend Desi could wear. It was pretty cool because it was an auction of different things, they had gift baskets, meals at restraunts, and obviously the dresses we wore and all of the money went to teaching illiterate adults. Now I'm not going to lie, I am in no way shape or form a model.. first of all I like my food (I could live off of taco bell) and well I'm not very photogenic but I said I'd do it. Once Desi and I got there my choices of dresses were a sapphire blue grandma of the bride dress, a taupe dress, and a fuschia and purple dress.. well none of them looked good and/ or didn't fit right so I went with the fuschia because it was least horrifying even though my chest didnt really fill it out (kind of uncomfortable when walking around and having people looking at the dress to see if they want it haha) I felt like the girl off Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but instead of being blue I was pink and purple, but it was still a fun adventure and I'm glad I went.
last night I took Stephen on a date. We went to Color Me Mine, which is a place you paint ceramics and they fire it for you. If you know Stephen I'm sure you'll never guess what he painted on his plate.. ok you guessed it, a football helmet with a big U on it for the University of Utah. After that we came back to my house and I made almond and parmesean chicken (delicious) it was a fun night!! I am so lucky to be dating someone so awesome!
Unfortunately for him, I took him to the airport today and his flight was cancelled, after waiting on standby and not being able to get out for 6 1/2 hours he finally got out to Atlanta to catch another flight to Nashville and I have no idea how someone could be so unlucky but his flight from Atlanta to Nashville was cancelled. Atlanta is a huge airport and the only flight cancelled today was his flight, how unlucky to cancelled flights in one day. His poor family is waiting for him there because they wanted to see his mission but he should be there by 8 tonight, what a hassle!
I am now off for another night with my bestie, we're getting sushi and then more gossip girl (guilty pleasure)

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