Monday, August 10, 2009

relax and do nothing...

thats all I did this weekend.. and I LOVED IT!! I think every girl needs that every once in a while! Steve (the most amazing guy ever who I've been dating for over 9 months) is in Houston and so I took the opportunity to get a pedicure and pluck my eye brows ;)
Friday was a hang with Desi and chat day Saturday was... wow its all a blur, did I do ANYTHING that day? oh ya I did errands and then I did nothing haha and yesterday was a chick galore day! Desi and I went to church and then came home watched Love Actually and then I got addicted to the most AMAZING TV show ever!

GOSSIP GIRL! I know, I know.. addiction to a T.V. show about rich kid in New York sounds so ridiculous but I LOVE it! they have the best clothes, and these outrageous parties.. I actually really like the glamour of it all. Desi and I watched about 8 episodes (thats a ton) but it was so fun! girls time is awesome.
Now don't take that the wrong way Steve, I mean I love you and being with you is always awesome but sometimes some TLC from my bestie is all that is needed. I hope you had fun in Houston and I am SO excited to pick you up at the airport tonight and for our date on Wednesday!!

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  1. Ha! There is no shame in loving Gossip Girl! Its simply fantastic! ;-)