Friday, August 7, 2009


I would have to say that the hardest thing for me with doing anything is starting, it is the most frustrating thing ever. It's the reason why I didn't make it through a year of piano lessons or a season of Lacrosse growing up. I use to be a give-upper (not a real word but you get the drift) but that was yesterday. Starting now I am a push forward and hold on for the ride kind of girl... ready.. set... GO!

Let me recap my life in New Hampshire living with my sister and brother in law. , I'll try not to jump around too much, but I probably will (starting now). January I was going back to New Hampshire after my trip home to Sandy, UT. It was me, my amazing sister and her family; Dean (hubby) Ava, Charlotte, and Lilly. We were going through security and I left all my hair products in my carry on bag because I was like the scare crow on "The Wizard Of Oz" singing if I only had a brain duh duh duh dum dum duh duh once the bad and horrible security guard took it all I started bawling and Dean looks at me like "holy crap you're crying because you lost your hair product, WAA!" I feel bad for men because they don't really understand the whole final straw thing. I didn't want to go back to New Hampshire, I loved my friends and my family and hugs from my Mommy and my new puppy Rafiki. In New Hampshire I was alone and felt a lot of burdens. But, I prayed for strength and God helped me for a couple months more and gave me people in my life that helped me push through without crying every day. I think the biggest blessing was my relationship with my amazing sister Katie, and my brother Mike who later moved out there as well.. I learned so much from both of them. Katie is an amazing home maker and would make the most amazing cupcakes and we'd laugh and eat chocolate ice cream and watch chick flicks when Dean was out of town and Mike would come in my room and just talk to me about goals and the future and all that blah blah, but most of all they both just listened and let me try to take care of them in return.

We first got out there in Sept of 07, moving was a joy and there was never any contention but anyone ;) ok well we can pretend. I remember there were no cute boys eligible to flirt with and the Fall was beautiful (I remember more then that but I have to start somewhere!) I finally got involved with a YSA group (young single adults) and I went to a conference at MIT with Elder Holland and went to a dance at Boston's state house. I met a couple friends, one main was Maddy, she was super quiet at first but since I'm so obnoxious she eventually came out of her shell shining! My parents and two brother; Mike and Dan, came out for Thanksgiving and there was a dance at Harvard that we all went to, it was a holiday dance and Mike and Maddy were flirting the entire time (having friend flirt with your brother is weird, but I got over it lickity split) dinner took forever and then the subway was under construction, long story short we were only there for maybe 10 minutes and it was over BUMMER! I had blisters on my feet but it didn't matter because my brother Dan had a new stalker and Mike had Maddy.

Christmas came and we went to Utah to visit, we were here for 3 weeks and when we were leaving was the whole hair spray ordeal at the airport. I enjoyed a lot of things about New Hampshire, I learned so much. I was the primary chorester and I loved singing with those kids, they were the best and I love them! But, when May rolled around it was time to leave, but it was ok Mike stayed there since he kind of had to being engaged to Maddy and all ;) and I ran to the airport as quick as I could.

It was so beautiful!

Dance at Boston's State House

Though I feel like it was the pits sometimes it shaped me into who I am today, of course I am no where NEAR perfect but it made me grow up a bit and see the big picture.


  1. I love that you have this now- so I can stay up to date with one of my most favorite people! Keep posting! XOXOXOXO

  2. Rach! Good job! I love it. Keep it up!