Monday, November 9, 2009

wow.. long time no talk

well as you've guess a lot has happened since I wrote last but not really anything to write about..
its the biggest season for sports so guess who is an amazing girlfriend and watches football and basketball and even a little baseball.. yes, me! Stephen and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of dating on Friday. It was perfect! He picked me up with a bouquet of roses and we set off on our date in a hurry to get to our secret reservation (he wouldn't tell me anything) well of course we got stuck in traffic :) we went to a wonderful, amazing, romantic, and delicious restaurant called Tuscany it was all perfect until I sneezed and it broke my zipper.. it was stuck my entire back was showing so I had to wear my coat for the rest of the night. I was so mad, I just bought the dress that day and was so excited to wear it and then I have to cover it all night? not cool! after dinner we went to Walgreen's and picked up their last box of safety pins.. it didn't work it just made it look worse if that was possible so on with the coat. We finally got to our second destination, a parking garage. When we got upstairs we were at the wonderful Capitol theatre to see a ballet! I had never been to one before, we saw "The Dream" which is Shakespeare's Midsummer's night dream.. the dancers looked beautiful it was amazing. The entire night was memorable and more then what I could have hoped for! Stephen is an amazing guy and I am very much in love with him.

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