Saturday, August 8, 2009


last summer was filled with laughing, fun, and a little stress ;) getting ready for M&M's wedding (Mike and Maddy's) and starting a new job that I sucked at pretty bad but it was all good things. It probably would have been very painful if I didn't have friendship. Last summer was a riot my best friend Desi and I were crazy, dancing, meeting new friends, and an occasional date with a cute guy (ok they weren't all that cute but whatever)

We had some dang good times... Desi has been a wonderful friend to me, she's stuck with me through all the crappy times and so we've had a lot of really good times too! "Life's journey is easier when you hear a friends footsteps beside you." Desi has kept me sane and I am so thankful for her!! thanks for being an awesome friend..

Even though life changes and things are way different now then they were last summer I hope she knows that I am there for her 100%

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  1. Awwww!!! Thank you Rachie!!! Without getting too mushy gushy, I just wanna say that I truly do value our friendship and I absolutely love you to death! No matter what happens in life, I'm thankful that I have my crazy Rach to help me through! haha! Luv ur gutz :-)